FailBlog Delivery Service

….here is a nice heaping shipment of FAIL freshly delivery courtesy of, one of my favorite time wasting sites on the Internet. Follow the Jump to see a whole shipload of fail…

Pizza Delivery Fail

A whole lot more Fail after the Jump!

Truck Rental Fail

Safe Hauling Fail

Bridge Clearance Fail

Delivery Fail

Courier Delivery Fail

Height Estimation Fail

Load Limit Fail

Judgement Fail

Crane Fail

Locksmith Fail

Tree Removal Fail

Logistics Fail

Cable Delivery Fail

Moving Fail

Crane Fail

Emergency! Emergency! Firetruck Fail!

Van Fail

Truck Fail

Ladder Fail

Clown Car Fail

Tire Fail

Trolley Fail

Truck Fail

Towing Fail

Delivery Fail

Car Fail

Towing Fail

Parking Fail

Ladder Fail

Watch out for the Fail Train!!!!!!

Truck Fail

Tie Down Fail

Company Name Fail

Ferry Fail

You’re listening to Radio Fail

Cruise Fail

Clearance Fail

Grocery Fail

Transportation Fail

Towing Capacity Fail

Camper Fail

Ferry Fail

Corporate Identity Fail

Fail Bus

Beach Invasion Fail

Just Go Around?

Rescue Fail

Double-Wide Fail!



Fail Boat Sails Home

Paint Job Win

A big thanks to the FailBlog for getting me through the day. When times are tough I just browse their pages and realize it could be a whole lot worse!

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