Feb 26 2009

25/2/09 : SUV Slams Into Big Rig.- Video

Wow, pretty bad crash.

25/2/09 : SUV Slams Into Big Rig.- Video.

Jan 13 2009

FailBlog Delivery Service

….here is a nice heaping shipment of FAIL freshly delivery courtesy of FailBlog.org, one of my favorite time wasting sites on the Internet. Follow the Jump to see a whole shipload of fail…

Pizza Delivery Fail

A whole lot more Fail after the Jump!

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Jan 11 2009

Rhys Millen Flips a truck for New Years 2009

I’ve met Rhys a few times and I have to say he’s an amazing man. He nearly lost his life jumping trucks but he came back to do the stunt again for 2009. His tenacity is inspirational.

Red Bull New Year No Limits – Truck Backflip- Video.

Oct 25 2008

Video, why you don’t drive in a trucks “no” zone

Semi trucks have very limited visibility, so it’s highly recomendd you stay out of thei “No” Zone blind spots. This video shows graphically what can happen if you don’t respect a trucker’s blind spots.

Semi-Truck Demolishes Car On Freeway- Video.

Sep 26 2008

How Not To Right A Tipped Semi- Video

How Not To Right A Tipped Semi

ROTFLMAO  this is just classic.

How Not To Right A Tipped Semi- Video.

Sep 20 2008

Video – Ferry Fail

YouTube – Ferry Fail.

Sep 12 2008

Camaro does the Fast and Furious Trucker Tuck

A Camaro Driver watches too much F&F movies!

I’ve watching this video, and I still cannot decide if the Camaro did this intentionally or not.

A Camaro Driver watches too much F&F movies!- Video.

Sep 8 2008

Truck Plows through tunnel, What happens next?

Guy in pickup hits car

Seriously, I want to know, this one totaly leaves us hanging.

Guy in pickup hits car- Video.

Aug 19 2008

How to unload and excavator

Now this is what I call a little Thai ingenuity. Most impressive.

The Thais has their way of unloading excavator

Aug 18 2008

Slow-Mo Moment #14: IDC Drifting Truck- Video

Now how Metal is this? An big rig drifting to hair metal. Very nice.

Slow-Mo Moment #14: IDC Drifting Truck