Oct 27 2008

Video, Mofo brings the Mustangs

…and Challenger, and ISF and Trans Am….great collection of rides in this piece.

Mofo-Turbo Mustangs,BBC malibu,BBC Mustang,SRT8 Ch- Video.

Oct 19 2008

Video, Domestic racing

Another cool video from Mafia Motorsports

MyWs6,C5427,C6Z06,LS1STANG,383CAMARO- Video.

Oct 15 2008

Video, New EVO World REcord run

Buschur Racing & 9sec9 WORLD RECORD w/FP RED TURBO- Video.

Oct 9 2008

Video of a Typical Camaro Rear End

I’ve owned enough F-Bodies to know that the rear end is the weak link….but this is not how they normally break.

Lost Wheels at the Drag Racing- Video.

Oct 1 2008

Video, Wheel standing bandit TA runs 9s!

ROCHESTER – EDDIE 9.12 @ 147

I love these old second generation Trans Ams, but this one is a 147mph in the Qtr mile monster.

ROCHESTER – EDDIE 9.12 @ 147- Video.

Sep 27 2008

AMS EVO Goes 8.42 @168.7 MPH – NEW WORLD RECORD!- Video

AMS EVO Goes 8.42 @168.7 MPH – NEW WORLD RECORD!

Just simply wow.  169mph in the Qtr is simply hauling ass.

AMS EVO Goes 8.42 @168.7 MPH – NEW WORLD RECORD!- Video.

Sep 19 2008

Video, Stock GT-R Pulls a 11.5 @ 120

GTR R35 11.5 @ 120 Animal House Racing

I’ve sen faster but not stock, impressive to see the car hit 120 stock, guess that puts all those “ringer rumors” into the conspiracy theory bin where they belong.

The interesting thing to note is that this GT-R has the bright silver rims, meaning it’s a base car equiped with Dunlop tires, instead of hte Bridgestones that come on the premium package.  Steve Millen has said that the Dunlps provide more traction, I wonder if this affects straight line too?

Link found via NAGTROC

GTR R35 11.5 @ 120 Animal House Racing- Video.

Sep 16 2008

VIDEO – Drag RacingTV Bike Show

08.06.20. Drag RacingTV Show 08/4

Very well done Hungarian show.  First half is all bike, the second dips into some classic drags.  Cool stuff, more of this please!  Really love the rotating angles and the camera work.

From: HipStudio.hu

08.06.20. Drag RacingTV Show 08/4- Video.

Sep 16 2008

VIDEO Car v. Bike, Nitrous Hayabusa VS Turbo Viper

Nitrous Hayabusa VS Single Turbo Viper

In case you can’t tell I really look poorly on SQUIDs, and racing a Nitrous Hyabusa on the street with only a T-Shirt really isn’t my thing.

Nitrous Hayabusa VS Single Turbo Viper- Video.

Sep 8 2008

Porsche vs tesla roadster

Porsche vs tesla roadster

File this under “Wierd Races” I guess.  I was actually expecting a decisive victory since the Tesla is up aggainst a Convertible 996 Carrera…… perhpas the battery was low.

Porsche vs tesla roadster – Video.