Nov 20 2008

Yoshi in a “Ladies of SEMA Video”

about 50 seconds in my car “Yoshi” shows up in the Conti booth wearing GGI shoes.

The Ladies of SEMA 2008- Video.

Nov 11 2008

GT-R on Display at StreetFire Studio needed a place to store some SEMA cars for the week, so here is the view in the StreetFire office right now!

IMG_6277.jpg- Album.

Nov 9 2008

Mercedes-Benz GLK at SEMA

I missed this party, but it looks like it happened at the Wynn hotel. I do remember seeing the orange GLK on the floor though.

SEMA Show Las Vegas 2008: Mercedes-Benz Special (e- Video.

Nov 6 2008

SEMA photos, Behind the scenes with StreetFire

Work hard, play harder, here is the StreetFire crew behind the scenes. This is what it takes to produce oceans of videos and photos of the big event.

Adam Cleaning Alex’s car.

Nov 6 2008

SEMA: I’m on the Web 2.0 Panel Today

Want to know what a car nut start up dude thinks about the web?  Well, if you’re in Vegas, come by room N255-257 today at 2:00 PM.  I will be speaking on the subject of virality in video, and how to leverage the social graph to spread and measure your message….or at least that is the plan, they may ask me to start a little more basic, but you never know with these things.  I am however planning on showing a cool video from LG Motorsports, so if you have to see at least one panel at SEMA I urge you to see the one with the cool LG Motorsport video


PS I may post my slides up next week if you miss it.

Nov 5 2008

1:30 Today: Adam “Shinkaze” Bruce on Car and Driver Radio

If you want to hear the latest about StreetFire on Car and Driver Radio, tune in at 1:30 (Vegas Time I think)… I have no idea what we will be discussing, but please check out the Car and Driver Radio web site for the latest updates (and see if I’m still even scheduled to come on).

Nov 3 2008

The GT-R’s of SEMA 2008

Well here it is, the GT-R’s of SEMA 2008, I’m sure I missed a ton of them, but everywhere I looked I saw more GT-Rs each with fantastic mods, rims, body kits and who knows what else. Soo happy to see the GT-R killing it at SEMA 2008

Full Album with thumbnails.

Nov 2 2008

Just Made it to SEMA 2008

After a paint shaker flight out of LAX, I just piled into my hotel room at Harrah’s.  I’ll be bumbling around the convention floor tomorrow during Set-Up day, first stop?  Straight to the Continental tire booth to check out my GT-R. GGI outfitted Yoshi with some new shoes for the show, so I can’t wait to see it.

Now on the down side, I know that my blog has gotten a lot more popular in the last month or so, and I think I may be up to 3 people that check it daily….. I truely have to wonder about your browsing habbits if my ramblings are a daily digest for you.  I hate to say I may dissapoint a bit this week as I’m going to be working my ass off and will be very lucky if this isn’t the last post you see from me until I drag back into LAX on Sunday.  So please consider any postings you see between now and Sunday “extras”…..who knows, maybe this year will be different and I’ll actually have time to do more than run around like a mad man.

PS  I will be speaking at the Web 2.0 Panel Thursday at 2:00 PM at room N255-257

PPS On Wednesday at 1:30 I’ll be on Car and Driver radio, so set your dials to however you recieve that. Here is a link to their info page.