Oct 23 2008

Video of a Ferrari California on the Street

In motion on the street, real life video. Looks far better in motion IMOHO.

Ferrari California- Video.

Oct 6 2008

Video, White Ferrari 430 Scuderia

Wow, didn’t realize it would look that good, come to think of it I think White is one of the few Ferrari colors I really haven’t seen much of.

Ferrari 430 Scuderia in Pearl White (Bianco Fuji)!- Video.

Sep 30 2008

Gotland Ring Video

Pretty impressive video made all the more compelling by the fact it was shot on a Canon HF10 consumer cam corder.  Goes to show it’s 20% the tool and 80% the artist…but isn’t that allways the case?

Gotland Ring on Vimeo.

Sep 29 2008

Singapore F1 Massa’s Fuel Line Incident.- Video

Singapore F1 Massa’s Fuel Line Incident.

I’m so mad, I failed to record this race, so now I’m stuck just watching the highlights…. oh well, would love to know how the first night race went.

Singapore F1 Massa’s Fuel Line Incident.- Video.

Sep 25 2008

Video, Remake of ‘Bullitt’ Chase Scene with Exotics

Amateur French Remake of ‘Bullitt’ Chase Scene w/

One of my favorite movie scenes remade by an amatuer French filmaker.  Very cool.

Amateur French Remake of ‘Bullitt’ Chase Scene w/- Video.

Sep 20 2008

Video, Pimp My Ferrari, the 599 mansory stallone

rare 599 mansory stallone acceleration

I’m not sure that I like this….

rare 599 mansory stallone acceleration – Video.

Sep 19 2008

Best Ferrari Video Ever

Posted by GTO3987 on YouTube, I found this via`illpayne on NAGTROC.  This video illustrates what I love about cars, the freedom, the fun, the speed.  Combined with th fact I know and drive those roads above my home here in LA.  More than anything though, this video reminds me of a Ferrari owner buddy of mine, that sticks his finger in the eye of Ferrari diaper washers, and drives the car like it should be.

This video should be preserved as Art.  Great find.

Sep 16 2008

PHOTOS Smart Cars We would Drive

So the SMART car is pretty much sold out here in the states, but the dirty little secret is this car is OLD NEWS in Europe where is has been out for a decade. It’s time for us to rethink the Smart-Car, so why not rethink how we can make it fun? Here some ideas posted by Blackvoodoo.

Smart Cars We would Drive , Audi, Porsche – Images, Photos

Sep 16 2008

VIDEO SoCal 11-99 CHP Run 2008

11-99 CHP Run 2008

An amazing collection of automobiles in a single video.  The 11-99 foundation is a charity to support the families of fallen California Highway Patrol officers.  This anual drive raises awareness for the foundation and and helps raise money for the charity.

11-99 CHP Run 2008- Video.

Sep 9 2008

Exotic Rally for Charity

EXOTIC ENTERTAINMENT – Rally For Charity 2008

Pretty cool Rally video from up north.  Lots of great cars, good compilation.

EXOTIC ENTERTAINMENT – Rally For Charity 2008- Video.