Oct 28 2008

Different horses for different courses explained

Sometimes a Ferrari is not the fastest car for a given track. The reason I highlighted this video is to show how a bunch of relatively small cars are struggling to get around the tight twisty corners of a go-kart track. Obviously for this sort of track you need a narrow car that can achieve shallow entry angles, much like most autocross courses where an S2000 might beat a mighty Z06.

Italian Pursuit 25-26.10.08 Pleven- Video.

Oct 27 2008

Video, Mofo brings the Mustangs

…and Challenger, and ISF and Trans Am….great collection of rides in this piece.

Mofo-Turbo Mustangs,BBC malibu,BBC Mustang,SRT8 Ch- Video.

Oct 27 2008


SPA FRANCORCHAMPS DUEZ 25/10/2008 RUN 13- Video.

Oct 27 2008

Texas Mile, SW’s Boostlogic supra 242mph

Even Faster,Interior Shot of SW’s Supra hitting 242mph!!!

SW’s Boostlogic supra 242mph @ Texas Mile- Video.

Oct 27 2008

Texas Mile Video, 198MPH in a 100K mile Supra

Another Texas Mile Video, this time hitting 198 in a 100K mile Supra.

EVS Motors Presents Prince Ashik @ 198MPH 1,000HP- Video.

Oct 27 2008

Texas Mile, Video of SW’s Supra hitting the record, 241mph!!

Holy Crap, 241 in the standing mile, stunning! To put that into perspective, stock GT-R Nissan’s that top out at 193 achieve about 165mph in the standing mile. Big congrats to Boost Logic!

Boost Logic & SW Is The Fastest Street Car in the – Video.

Oct 27 2008

Crowd scenes at a drift event.

Clash is just a constant flow of fantastic videos. Here is a behind the scenes at one of the events they covered.


Oct 27 2008

Video Ford XR6 Turbo powered Grill

So hot you can cook hotdogs on it. Throw another shrimp in the barbie?

Ford XR6 Turbo..Very Hot Turbo- Video.

Oct 27 2008

RENNSPORT ONE EVOMS Gallardo in Miami – Video

Looks like modded Gallardos are becoming the new industry norm… love it!

RENNSPORT ONE EVOMS Gallardo in Miami – Video.

Oct 26 2008

Matte Black Carrera GT Video

Pretty cool, love the tag :-)

PetShrk – Matte Black Photoshoot- Video.