Oct 29 2008

Pretty cool gauge set

Pretty neat idea of how to make on demand gauges…leaves are hoaky though.

VIDEO: Ford SmartGauge with EcoGuide in action – Autoblog.

Oct 27 2008

Video, Mofo brings the Mustangs

…and Challenger, and ISF and Trans Am….great collection of rides in this piece.

Mofo-Turbo Mustangs,BBC malibu,BBC Mustang,SRT8 Ch- Video.

Oct 27 2008

Video Ford XR6 Turbo powered Grill

So hot you can cook hotdogs on it. Throw another shrimp in the barbie?

Ford XR6 Turbo..Very Hot Turbo- Video.

Oct 19 2008

Video, Domestic racing

Another cool video from Mafia Motorsports

MyWs6,C5427,C6Z06,LS1STANG,383CAMARO- Video.

Oct 5 2008

Video, Shelby Super Snake Vs. Nuformz Challenger

So I was lucky enough to attend this taping.  Big thanks to James for inviting me along, the StreetFire film crew had a blast, and shot some behind the scenes.

Of course those of you that have been following this blog know that my GT-R participated in one fo the shoot outs.  I’m looking forward to that one being shown soon so I can really talk about the times.

H2H Ep 14, Shelby Super Snake Vs. Nuformz Challeng- Video.

Sep 26 2008

Video Corvette Z06 vs Mustang – CRASH!

Corvette Z06 crashes at the drag strip

Corvette Z06 crashes at the drag strip- Video.

Sep 18 2008

VIDEO K.I.T.T Stolen!! Real or Fake?

K.I.T.T Stolen!! Real Video! (Alternate Video)

Wow, wonder if this is real?

K.I.T.T Stolen!! Real Video! (Alternate Video)- Video.

Sep 11 2008

BBC Malibu,supra,c6 z06,kb cobra,whipple cobra,mof- Video

BBC Malibu,supra,c6 z06,kb cobra,whipple cobra,mof

Always good stuff from the MoFo

BBC Malibu,supra,c6 z06,kb cobra,whipple cobra,mof- Video.

Sep 9 2008

Head to Head, Behinds the Scenes 2 photo shoot.

More behind the scenes photos from last week’s Head to Head video shoot.  I can’t tell you how badly I’m looking forward to this new saeson….since the Silver GT-R is mine :-)

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Sep 8 2008

Parking Lot Rage, ever wanted to do this?

Parking Lot Rage

My wife thinks I have a road rage problem…maybe I do, but this video puts it into perspective.  Another oldie but goodie that’s been around forever.

Parking Lot Rage- Video.